Definitions for "Earthly"
Keywords:  worldly, carnal, heavenly, joys, praise
Pertaining to the earth; belonging to this world, or to man's existence on the earth; not heavenly or spiritual; carnal; worldly; as, earthly joys; earthly flowers; earthly praise.
In the manner of the earth or its people; worldly.
of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven; "earthly beings"; "believed that our earthly life is all that matters"; "earthly love"; "our earthly home"
Ecstasy Ego Ek-sistere Ek-stasis Eleatic Elevate Embodiment Enclosed Enfolded Enkapsis Enstasis Enstasy Entelechy, Eternal moment, Eternity Epektasis Epoché Erlebnis Eschatological Ethics Evolution Existence Existenz Experience Express Expression Extravertive
Keywords:  earthy
Made of earth; earthy.
Mother - The higher intelligence of the earth; the divine presence and power (Shekinah) manifesting as Earth and Nature.
Keywords:  conceivable, things
Of all things on earth; possible; conceivable.