Definitions for "Safety"
the act or result of a ball-carrier on the offensive team being tackled behind his own goal line, or the downing of a ball behind the offensive team's own goal line when it had been carried or propelled behind that goal line by a player on the offensive tream; such a play causes a score of two points to be awarded to the defensive team; -- it is distinguished from touchback, when the ball is downed behind the goal after being propelled there or last touched by a player of the defending team. See Touchdown. Same as Safety touchdown, below.
When a team knocks a ball over their own end line. A free shot goal is awarded to opposing team from 60 yards out.
usually the one or two deep defensive backs who play fifteen to twenty yards off the ball; the enemy of the quarterback; most interceptions are picked by the safety.
The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss.
Freedom from whatever exposes one to danger or from liability to cause danger or harm; safeness; hence, the quality of making safe or secure, or of giving confidence, justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, etc.
Consideration to the potential for a window or door to be injurious to the person using it Politiekeurmerk, Inbraakwerend, Inbraakwerendheid
a switch on a firearm that locks the trigger and prevents the firearm from being discharged unintentionally; -- also called safety catch, safety lock, or lock.
Switch that determines if weapons can be fired. The safety usually disengages the trigger mechanism when active, or physically prevents the hammer from falling. Weapons should always have the safety on when you are not actively engaging the enemy.
A safety device that, in the "on" position, prevents the gun from firing. In many field guns, the safety is immediately engaged when the gun is opened; in other guns, particularly competition grades, the safety must be manually engaged.
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USA-S and each LSC now have a "Safety Coordinator" and each meet must have " Marshalls" in charge of safety.
The condition of being safe. Safety procedures are designed to prevent accidents. Pelican Pete is USS's safety mascot.
Minimizing the possibility that a nuclear weapon will be exposed to accidents and preventing the possibility of nuclear yield or plutonium dispersal should there be an accident involving a nuclear weapon.
The principle that an ActiveX control distributed over the Web must not be capable of harming a user's computer. Safety is divided into script safety and initialization safety.
a measure of the absence of unsafe software conditions. The absence of catastrophic consequences to the environment [ Barbacci 95].
The need to ensure people involved with a company that they are protected from harm.
Short for Safety bicycle.
Relating to the threat of crashes or collisions. See "Crash". Security Personal well-being and the safekeeping of property. Shy Distance A space along side or above a facility to any fixed object (trees, limbs, poles, signs, beams, walls, fences, guard rails or drop-off.) Sidepath Laws Laws that require bicycles to use paths adjacent to roadways when separated facilities is provide, regardless of their level of safety or convenience. Many of these laws have been repealed, but there are periodically local attempts to enact new ones.
Reciprocal of risk: practical certainty that injury will not result from a hazard under defined conditions. 1. Safety of a drug or other substance in the context of human health: the extent to which a substance may be used in the amount necessary for the intended purpose with a minimum risk of adverse health effects. 2. Safety (toxicological): The high probability that injury will not result from exposure to a substance under defined conditions of quantity and manner of use, ideally controlled to minimize exposure. RELATED TERM risk.
the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions; "insure the safety of the children"; "the reciprocal of safety is risk"
No drug is completely safe or without the potential for side effects. Before a drug may be approved for marketing, the law requires the submission of results of tests adequate to show the drug is safe under the conditions of use in the proposed labeling. Thus, "safety" is determined case by case and reflects the drug's risk-vs.-benefit relationship.
Guiding principle and paramount priority of skyguide. All safety-related procedures in the operation of air traffic control services, as well as all technical systems, are constantly monitored, verified and improved if necessary by skyguide experts or by external specialists in risk management and safety management. (– ESARR, Safety case, QMS)
a number one priority
The following are essential safety considerations: Be aware that agitation of the material can release a mixture of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and methane. Explain safety aspects to workers. Only use as many people as necessary. Never have one person working in a tank on their own. If indoors, provide as much ventilation as possible. If necessary, wear respirators, safety harness and lifeline. The level of the slurry should never be less than 30 cm from the top of the tank. Never trust the crust on top of a tank to take weight.
Make sure you negotiate exactly where you want to go with the Master/Mistress. Ensure that you fully explain your limits. No good Master/Mistress will exceed your limits. See 'Safe-Word', below.
Safety features are designed for both children and adults. On a smoothtop, look for control lockout options, so touchpads can't be activated when pressed; surface-on indicator lights that tell you which burners are on or still hot. On any type of cooking appliance, shop for knobs designed to be pushed in and then turned, making it difficult to start accidentally.
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Français : Securité Deutsch : Sicherheit
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fountain pen with a retractable nib; also used prior to c. 1920 to designate a pen with a screw cap and an inner cap
At a room temperature, the glass gets warped only elastically, it doesn't keep permanent deformations after the applied load has been taken away. On the contrary, when the effort goes beyond the limit of elasticity, the sudden breakage of the piece takes place. When a glass sheet breaks down, we have the formation of small pieces and the cutting of irregular area called at “shape of lance”, which are a serious danger for the users. Thanks to special treatments and workings, safer glass products have been produced. These workings are: tempering, layering and insertion of metallic wire nettings inside the glass.
Ballasts should be installed and operated in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC), Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) requirements, and all applicable codes and regulations. As it is possible to come in contact with potentially hazardous voltages, only qualified personnel should perform ballast installation. All installation, inspection, and maintenance of lighting fixtures should be done with the power to the fixture turned off.
The basis on which ANY firework is used. Safety must be thorough, responsible and proactive. See the safety section for detailed help.
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a safe place; "He ran to safety"
a collaborative working relationship between the FAA and the GA community to identify problems and implement solutions
(baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
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The inverse of toxicity.
Significant other (entertainment)
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A large clamp that anchors the car to the building to keep the elevator from falling.
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the lack of undue adverse effects with normal use of a medical device.
A drug's safety profile is a summary of all side effects that might have been related to its administration relative to the number of times the drug has been administered. A drug that has been administered many times and produced only mild or no side effects is said to have an excellent safety profile.
a school where YK has an extremely good change of getting in and would also be happy to attend
Preservation from escape; close custody.
Value Line's measure of stock volatility (magnitude of beta), measured from 1 to 5, 5 being most volatile
Selection importance
Selection criteria
A term used synonymously with the phrase environment, safety, and health (ES&H). It encompasses protection of the public, the workers, and the environment.
contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse
A short length of wire rope or chain formed into a loop around a suspension point, acting as a secondary means of suspension in the event of failure of the primary method.
This indicates that the commercial vaccine has been tested to determine if there are either systemic or local reactions following vaccination.
set of procedures which keep people or objects in good condition
Condition in which the physical well-being of people is protected.
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a big part of our bill
The degree of non-negative effects of a Treatment.
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See Health and Safety.