Definitions for "SINGLE ACTION"
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More sensitive trigger firing mechanism - model must already be cocked
1. (Handguns) More sensitive trigger firing mechanism, weapon must already be cocked. 2. (Rifle) A bolt-action weapon requiring manual recocking between each shot.
(adj.) When applied to revolvers, a gun which must be manually cocked before firing each shot. Examples of single action revolvers include the Colt "Peacemaker," and the Ruger Blackhawk. In reference to semiautomatic pistols, "single action" means that the gun must be cocked before firing the first shot. The gun is then cocks itself for each subsequent shot. The Colt M1911A1 and Browning Hi Power are single action pistols.
In an if-bet, the following straight will take action only if the previous one wins.
An "if win bet" that continues only when one of its individual bets wins
An "if bet" that's processed only if the precedent bet wins.
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a beginning of a dialogue
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a single step
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Press utilizing one moving element.