Definitions for "Revolve"
A revolving turntable for carrying two scenes for a quick change. The turntable can be permanent or temporary.
A turntable built into the stage floor on which scenery can be set and then driven into view. Can be electrically chain driven, or manually pushed into position. A revolve can also be built on top of an existing stage.
A stage or, more usually, part of a stage, which can revolve through 360 degrees.
Keywords:  axis, orbit, sun, turn, moon
To turn or roll round on, or as on, an axis, like a wheel; to rotate, -- which is the more specific word in this sense.
To move in a curved path round a center; as, the planets revolve round the sun.
To cause to turn, as on an axis.
Revolve is a Belgian computergame creator and publisher. The company is focussing their efforts in creating games that are fun but simplistic. No fancy graphics that require some kind of super computer but just plain old good gameplay that can be played on older computers as well.
Keywords:  pass, cycles, centuries, return
To pass in cycles; as, the centuries revolve.
To return; to pass.
Keywords:  owed, month, carry, debt, paying
To carry over a debt from month to month, paying interest on the amount owed.