Definitions for "Elongation"
The act of lengthening, or the state of being lengthened; protraction; extension.
That which lengthens out; continuation.
The amount of stretching (tensile strain) at point of foam failure (ultimate elongation). Expressed as a percentage of original unstrained foam dimension. Typical values range from 100% to 300%. ( ASTM-D-3574-03)
Removal to a distance; withdrawal; a being at a distance; distance.
The angular distance of a planet from the sun; as, the elongation of Venus or Mercury.
When, as viewed from the earth, an inferior planet attains its greatest angular distance from the sun, it is said to be at either western or eastern elongation.
of the humanbody, a comparatively rare but by no means modern psychicalphenomenon. The Neo-Platonists observed it in the case of certainobsessed men. Jamblichus, writing on Divination, said: "The person ofthe subject has been known to dilate and tower to supernormal height.See ELONGATION.
the stage in translation where amino acids are added one by one to the first amino acid.
During protein synthesis, the growth of the polypeptide chain through the addition of amino acids; the second step in translation.
Is the stretchability or flexibility of cured urethane. Urethane must have the right flexibility to absorb body flex and the stiffness to support glass.
Inexplicable extension of the physical body, reported in some "mystics" and "physical mediums".
The amount of permanent extension of the material before it fractures. Elongation takes place in the part during forming or drawing operations. See also elongation, percent.
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the quality of being elongated