Definitions for "Synthesis"
Composition, or the putting of two or more things together, as in compounding medicines.
The art or process of making a compound by putting the ingredients together, as contrasted with analysis; thus, water is made by synthesis from hydrogen and oxygen; hence, specifically, the building up of complex compounds by special reactions, whereby their component radicals are so grouped that the resulting substances are identical in every respect with the natural articles when such occur; thus, artificial alcohol, urea, indigo blue, alizarin, etc., are made by synthesis.
The combination of separate elements of thought into a whole, as of simple into complex conceptions, species into genera, individual propositions into systems; -- the opposite of analysis.
Synthesis is a RAD tool and C++ IDE . It eases the creation of Win32 programing though visual programming and class wizards. Using opensource framework and minGW Synthesis provides a extendable and powerful development environment.
Synthesis is a graphical program designer and C++ IDE . It eases the creation of Windows program though visual programming and class wizards. Download the Synthesis project at
A chemical procedure enables the creation of a new odorous molecule.
a critical control point in the regulation of cellular processes and depends on binding of certain transcriptional regulatory factors to specific DNA sequences
a major cellular function, most of the RNA polymerase I transcriptional machinery remains associated to rDNA genes even during mitosis
a quasi-globular multi-domain RNA structure that is maintained by a tertiary kissing interaction
A phase of career decision making (CASVE cycle) marked by career thoughts related to the formulation of a plausible set of alternatives for resolving a career problem; synthesis elaboration involves brainstorming a wide variety of possible solutions, and synthesis crystallization involves narrowing the potential solutions to the best 3-5 options.
The HDL design process in which each design module is elaborated and the design hierarchy is created and linked to form a unique design implementation. Synthesis starts from a high level of logic abstraction (typically Verilog or VHDL) and automatically creates a lower level of logic abstraction using a library containing primitives
a reusable collection of artifacts that share the same qualitative attributes and assumptions in the same functional domain
A methodology for the construction of software systems as instances of a family of systems that have similar descriptions. Its primary distinguishing features are: Formalization of domains as families of systems that share many common features, but which also vary in well-defined ways System building reduced to resolution of requirements and engineering decisions that represent the variations characteristic of a domain Reuse of software artifacts through mechanical adaptation of components to satisfy requirements and engineering decisions Model-based analyses of described systems to help understand the implications of system-building decisions and evaluate alternatives
Synthesizing involves integrating the analyses of data to discover facts and/or develop knowledge concepts or interpretations.
is a biological process which creates or redesigns organisms from their basic components. While genes are one type of basic component (and genetic engineering a type of synthesis) realms with different natural laws may have different components. For example, a realm based around aristotelian philosophy may have a synthesis based on spontaneous generation. See Also: Mutation. Technology TORG(tm) Totem
a precise process, errors do occur, and these can lead to the incorporation of a mutation
a vital process in all life, beta-exotoxin exerts its toxicity for almost all forms of life tested including numerous insect species in the orders Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera
integration of two opposing representations into one new repre­sentation, with a view towards constructing a new level of the object's real­ity. Philosophy as Critique employs synthesis more than analysis. On the operation of synthesis in the first Critique, see imagination. (Cf. analysis.)
A synthesis adds to an analysis.
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Blending of two senses, used by Edgar Allan Poe and others to suggest hidden correspondences and create exotic effects.
a potent mechanism by which cytostatic drugs induce homologous recombination in mammalian cells
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SEE: Congelation
The text-to-speech engine synthesizes the glottal pulse from human vocal cords and applies various filters to simulate throat length, mouth cavity, lip shape and tongue position. tags See text-to-speech control tags.
The of pulling all the separate themes of a horoscope together, "weighing" them for relative importance, and managing to come up with something that makes senses.
A building up, putting together, or composition.
Bringing two or more ideas together to show their relationships
Manufacture; anabolism.
The manufacture of one substance through a biochemical process, involving other substances.
a growth industry
a key factor that controls cell growth and balances the effects of growth factors to prevent uncontrolled cell proliferation
a major control on cell growth
an important cell cycle event that defines the beginning of S phase
an important component of the induction process
an important early response to UV irradiation
a common feature of nucleoside analogues, intensity varies according to the drugs used
an introductory experiment that helps students develop their laboratory skills and learn about DNA structure and replication
a general mechanism to prevent inappropriate or unnecessary gene expression
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a little more complicated than this
the 5th step in Big6, where you create a presentation from the information you have found
a rate-limiting step
a relation between two factors
a written discussion that draws on two or more sources
A method of generating and manipulating sound electronically.
The artificial generation of a sound by electronic means.
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a set of items, often but not exclusively used of clothing
reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)
a paper which you construct (or synthesize) using information from other sources