Definitions for "Critique"
The art of criticism.
A critical examination or estimate of a work of literature or art; a critical dissertation or essay; a careful and thorough analysis of any subject; a criticism; as, Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason."
A critic; one who criticises.
has both a negative and positive interpretation (Connerton, 1976). Reflection on a system of constraints that are humanly produced (negative) and the rational reconstruction of the conditions that make language, cognition, and action possible (positive).
Usually a negative offcase argument that deals with the assumptions that a plan rests on, or on the discourse that is occurring, or not occurring, in the debate.
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a theory or a set of beliefs which attacks or sheds doubt upon an absolute truth, an indubitable belief
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a tricky commodity that can go wrong in many ways
an explanation of the significant differences between the plan that would have been proposed by the expert system and the plan proposed by the user
Learners analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a subject, system, presentation, or proposal. They then make suggestions for improvements.
Meetings of personnel involved in or knowledgeable about an event (either a success or an abnormal event) to document a chronological listing of the facts.
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a collaborative process
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an opportunity to learn from mistakes
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a valuable tool for the writer and the Agency
a written or verbal assessment of a situation, a person's performance, or compositional ideas
An element of incident termination which examines the overall effectiveness of the emergency response effort and develops recommendations for improving the organization's emergency response system.
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a short paper about one book or article