Definitions for "commodity"
A basic good, such as food, grains, and metals, which is interchangeable with...
Convenience; accommodation; profit; benefit; advantage; interest; commodiousness.
That which affords convenience, advantage, or profit, especially in commerce, including everything movable that is bought and sold (except animals), -- goods, wares, merchandise, produce of land and manufactures, etc.
Which has an exchange value.
an object of wealth, produced for exchange or sale
an object or service that is exchanged (for other commodities or money) and which has a use-value or utility
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a basic coin card international item used by almost everyone
Rating for inexpensive, basic-quality paper.
Basic natural gas supply service which is sold either by volume (ccf or Mcf) or heating value (dekatherms).
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an external object which satisfies a human need (i
a thing that by its properties satisfies human wants of some sort
a use-value because it has a value in use -- a usefulness, or utility, it "satisfies human wants of some sort or another
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Cumulative trauma disorders
The crop or plants being monitored by the Moritor system.
any commercial item, including agricultural produce or staples
Lack of imagination by the producer.
An item or resource which can be purchased with the prospect of later sale at a time and place when the price will be greater, allowing a profit to be made from the initial purchase or investment. Unlike an individual's clothes or dwelling commodities are purchased largely for their prospect of later sale. Health care resources, air and water can all be treated as commodities through capital investment and manipulation to sell the resources or services at a greater price.
Indicates the target site to which a pesticide was applied. "Commodity" and "site" are used synonymously.
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Commodity backed bond Commodity Bundle
a material thing that carries meaning, or materialized meaning
A commercial material such as ground rubber.
Supplies, materials or equipment listed for commodity class and item numbers 005 through 900.
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Common Stock
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Cost objective