Definitions for "Objective"
The result desired by an investor or mutual fund, such as current income or...
A concrete statement describing what the project is trying to achieve. The object ive should be written at a low level, so that it can be evaluate d at the conclusion of a project to see whether it was achieved or not. A well-worded object ive will be Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic and Time bound (SMART). [D05031] TM Something one wants to get done. A specific statement of quality, quantity and time values. [D01096] TML 220 In Contract/Procurement Management, to define the method to follow and the service to be contract ed or resource to be procured for the performance of work. [D01097] PMK87 In Time Management, a predetermined result, toward which effort is directed. [D01098] PMK87 The quantifiable criteria that must be met for the project to be considered successful. Objectives must included, at least, cost, schedule, and quality measures. Unquantified objectives (for example " customer satisfaction") increase the risk that the project won't meet them. [D05032] 42
Specific results or effects of a program's activities that must be achieved in pursuing the program's ultimate goals
Unbiased; unprejudiced; fair; uninfluenced by personal feelings or personal interests; considering only the facts of a situation unrelated to the observer; -- of judgments, opinions, evaluations, conclusions, reasoning processes.
Objective means focused on facts and conditions. Theoretically, objective studies and assessments are not distorted by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations (11). Objective is the oppossite of subjective. An objective survey evaluating the effectiveness of a new medication might record changes in participants' blood pressure or days absent from work. A subjective survey evaluating the same medication might interview participants to ask them how they feel or what they remember.
dealing only with facts uninfluenced by personal feelings or prejudices
An object glass; called also objective lens. See under Object, n.
The optical element which receives light from the object and forms the first or primary image in telescopes, microscopes and other optical systems.
The main mirror or lens of a telescope that collects and focuses light.
style -- a strictly maintainly third person point of view, in which the author only describes what a bystander would see and gives no insights, uses no omniscience. Hammett's The Maltese Falcon is the best known example, but it cheats in several places. The Glass Key actually carries out the technique more faithfully.
independent of the perceiving individual; in Spinoza, as existing in thought.
A form of thought which protects Perceiver facts by avoiding Mercy feelings. When objective thought analyzes the natural world, it leads to common sense and Teacher understanding, but threatens Mercy thought. Science is an example of objective thinking.
emphasizing or expressing things as perceived without distortion of personal feelings or interpretation; "objective art"
The fund’s investment strategy category as stipulated in the prospectus. There are in excess of 20 standardized categories.
The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories.
This is the investment strategy behind the fund, of which there are over 20 standardised versions
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Items in the patient record which can be accurately and repeatedly measured.
List of specific requirements of a broadcast campaign, i.e. target, reach and frequency, number of GRPs, date of campaign, etc.
a measurable, specific skill students are expected to learn
(Silva Mind Development) When either the sender or receiver has altered their level of consciousness in the relationship of a psychic experience even though it is still in the physical environment of the other person.
Independent of the mind and based on observable phenomenon.
based on observable phenomena, presented factually
(VL/VUL, SVL) Defined as the investment objective of the subaccount or the composition of investments within it. The objective could be Growth or Income, or what its composition is, such as Bond or Real Estate. What it is designed to do or more directly what it is.
Of or pertaining to an object.
Pertaining to, or designating, the case which follows a transitive verb or a preposition, being that case in which the direct object of the verb is placed. See Accusative, n.
a graduated and sequenced group of drills that pertain to one element of music study
string Simple A description of the objective of the instrument.
SimpleString A description of the objective of the instrument.
a clear and unambiguous description of
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a dream taken seriously and acted upon
a measurable step taken to narrow or close the gap between what is and what ought to be
a description of a performance you want learners to be able to exhibit before you consider them competent
a result that you want to reach
Changes you want to see as a result of your project (e.g. improved nutrition).
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See Objective idealism; and Objective relativism
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Get rid of your Hearts and win as few tricks as possible that contain Hearts or the Queen of Spades.
Objective is an open-source enterprise class Document Management system featuring Content and Meta-data Version Control, Object Classification, Auditing, Processes/Workflows, Events framework, Advanced Searching, Task based interface, ...
an aim or end of action
an end of action, a point to be reached
a way of knowing what action or p
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a seamless integrated are brought on
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Section in e-MDs Chart in which the medical staff documents their findings at a patient encounter. Consists of Exam and Vitals.
That which relates to objects in reality that are supposedly the same for all experiences.
General intentions for a process or experience
Something (for example a proposition) of which the denial means denial of the language-convention.
the end result towards which a service's activities or efforts are directed.
an online web programming project
The predetermined results towards which project is directing its efforts
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a key element
A critical element in the Senior system as defined in 5 CFR 430.
a specific behavioral skill you will develop by working through the module
The specific purposes for which a campaign or development program is mounted, encompassing the full scope of the stated needs.
a loosely defined aspiration of a character, objectives are used to determined each players success at the end of the game
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a destination
a numerical value that is to be maximized or minimized
belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events; "concrete benefits"; "a concrete example"; "there is no objective evidence of anything of the kind"
Existing independently of the perspective of a being or group of beings.
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an opportunity to market your skills
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based on facts rather than personal opinion
of operate originate outstanding
A reason or purpose for designing and executing a test.
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see Third-person point of view, below
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The objective case.
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see Educational Objectives
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Same as Objective point, under Objective, a.