Definitions for "Phase 1"
The stage of drug development when the investigational product is first researched in humans and when drug safety is determined.  Usually a small number of healthy volunteers but occasionally patients participate in these studies.
The term used to describe GAVI policies and priorities during its initial 2000-2005 period.
Intended to determine the safe dose for anti-cancer medications and the potential side effects of different doses.
The phase where the relinquished property is sold. Also called the down-leg phase of a 1031 exchange.
The first part of the exchange process. In a forward or delayed exchange Phase 1 typically ends when all the relinquished properties have closed. In a reverse exchange, Phase 1 typically ends when the replacement property is parked.
The process in which the relinquished property is sold and all respective paper work for that process is completed. This process is also known as the "down-leg" of the tax deferred exchange process.
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(Ph1) Salvation.
First phase of proposal submission. Proposers use the IRPSS to prepare and format proposals. The formatted proposals are submitted via electronic mail and in 20 paper copies (print-outs). Proposers submit the abstract, scientific justification and the requested targets and observing modes.
A proposal for observing time on HST
construction of conveyances from West Jefferson to Fayette Street
Phase 1 of a 2 phase VPN tunnel establishment process. Phase 1 negotiates the security parameter agreement.