Definitions for "delayed"
Keywords:  riposte, parry, pause, broken, attacks
A form of BROKEN TIME generally refers to a riposte: parry - delay – riposte.
actions made after a pause; usually attacks or ripostes
not done immediately in bidding or play. [Examples: Delayed support is support given on a later round of bidding. A delayed duck is the deliberate or necessary loss of a trick after some other activity, such as a squeeze, is performed.
caused to be slower or later; "the delayed plane finally arrived"
Keywords:  minutes, along, ago, far, quotes
Not current, as with quotes or news. opposite of real-time.
not as far along as normal in development
When (delayed) is displayed along side the as at date and time, the information is delayed 20 minutes. The as at time is the time the information is current to (normally 20 minutes behind the current server time).
Second priority in patient treatment. These patients require aid, but injuries are less severe. These patients may have a wide range of injuries. They should receive more thorough secondary assessment when in a treatment area.