Definitions for "Secondary"
Succeeding next in order to the first; of second place, origin, rank, etc.; not primary; subordinate; not of the first order or rate.
Possessing some quality, or having been subject to some operation (as substitution), in the second degree; as, a secondary salt, a secondary amine, etc. Cf. primary.
standard whose value is assigned by comparison with a primary standard of the same quantity.
Acting by deputation or delegated authority; as, the work of secondary hands.
One who occupies a subordinate, inferior, or auxiliary place; a delegate or deputy; one who is second or next to the chief officer; as, the secondary, or undersheriff of the city of London.
or auxiliary storage A more permanent form of storage that does not depend on a constant flow of electricity.
the defensive football players who line up behind the linemen
Area of the field where the defensive backs are located and defend against the pass. This is where the QB passes the ball to receivers.
The defensive backfield, or second line of defense.
The output coil of a transformer.
The output section of an isolated power supply which is isolated from the AC mains and specially designed for safety of personnel who might be working with power on the system.
Voltage or conductors carrying voltage less than 600 volts on the distribution system. Also refers to the "load" voltage on a transformer.
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The same as metastasis.
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A secondary quill.
The cell type of a battery where these are rechargeable.
A cell or battery designed to be recharged.
Secondary cells are rechargeable.
The second part of fermentation characterized by slower CO2 production and yeast dropping out of suspension. Also the carboy in which this happens.
The isobars around a depression are frequently not quite symmetrical; they sometimes show bulges or distortions which are accompanied by marked deflections in the general circulation of the wind in the depression; such distortions are called secondaries; they may appear merely as sinuosities in the isobars, but al other times they enclose separate centres of low pressure and show separate wind circulations from that of the parent depression.
If a carbon centre is described as secondary, it has one functional group, two carbons and one hydrogen bound to it - e.g. a secondary alcohol; A secondary nitrogen centre is one with two carbons and a hydrogen attached.
Dependent or consequent upon another disease; as, Bright's disease is often secondary to scarlet fever.
Occurring in the second stage of a disease; as, the secondary symptoms of syphilis.
describes a disease or disorder that follows or is caused by another one
Component of a nuclear weapon that contains elements needed to initiate the fusion reaction in a thermonuclear explosion.
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When referring to hue, the second or modifying color; an orangy red gem has an orange secondary hue.
Solids – Solids generated during the treatment of the biodegradable portion of wastewater. Also known as Waste Activated Sludge (WAS).
Sale : The sale of private or restricted holdings in a portfolio company to other investors. See secondary market definition.
(Mortgage) Market - An informal market where existing mortgages are bought and sold. It is the traditional aftermarket for mortgage loans that brings together lenders that sell mortgages with lenders, investors and agencies that buy mortgages. Also called "secondary mortgage market," it should not be confused with a second mortgage.
a sale and transfer of an interest in a private equity fund by an existing investor to other investors
Conversion of malic acid in wine to lactic acid through action of lactic acid bacteria. Reduces total acidity improving many reds and adding complexity.
Organisms that are limited to invading hosts predisposed by stress or attack by some other more aggressive organism.
Subsequent in origin; -- said of minerals produced by alteration or deposition subsequent to the formation of the original rock mass; also of characters of minerals (as secondary cleavage, etc.) developed by pressure or other causes.
Altered to create a new mineral.
The collective term for the cornerbacks and safeties assigned to cover an opposing teams receivers on passing plays.
Beneficiary An alternate beneficiary designated to receive payment, usually in the event the original beneficiary predeceases the insured.
Reflector To fill-in the shadows in close-up areas that are created when using an indirect flash.
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Pertaining to the second joint of the wing of a bird.
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See feather, secondary.
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The executable that is hand-loaded and executed by the Kernel, namely the file server.
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A secondary circle.
Electric service taken at less than 2,000 volts. Most residential and business customers receive electricity from secondary distribution lines.
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A satellite.
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not of major importance; "played a secondary role in world events"
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See secondary station.