Definitions for "Scarlet"
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A deep bright red tinged with orange or yellow, -- of many tints and shades; a vivid or bright red color.
Cloth of a scarlet color.
Of the color called scarlet; as, a scarlet cloth or thread.
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Scarlet was a type of fine and expensive woolen cloth common in England.
Scarlet is the name of a fictional nightclub in the popular BBC soap opera East Enders, located at the fictional address of 4 Turpin Road. Over the years it has had several different owners and names.
Scarlet Carson was a UK based vocal duo from Hull, East Yorkshire, England.
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Scarlet is a monthly women's magazine launched in November 2004 for "women who get it" Front cover of the first issue.. It is published by Scarlet Publishing Ltd and distributed all around the United Kingdom, and also has a cult following in countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. Its current editor is Sarah Hedley.
Scarlet is an open framework for pervasive computing that supports the dynamic orgnaization of devices and hosts to provide a rich pervasive environment. It currently supports Python and Java.
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Cause a neighbors phone line to have poor reception