Definitions for "Sarah"
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Formerly known as Sarai, God changed her name to Sarah when she was called to be the ancestress of Israel. She was the first wife of Abraham who, in her old age, became the mother of Isaac.
(SAH-rah) n. Sarah. “Princess.” Wife of Abraham and matriarch of the Hebrews (Gen. 17:15). (Sarai. “My princess,” is the original name of Sarah the wife of Abram (Gen. 11:29).
(Old Testament) the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
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Sarah is a novel by Laura Albert using the fictional teenage persona of JT Le Roy, a long-running literary hoax.
SARAH is a fictional smart house in the Sci Fi Channel TV series Eureka.
Receptionist at the Duke Hotel. Or the Villa Marquis. It is a bit of a puzzle, as the hotel seems to change its name halfway through the episode. Anyhoo, we have to think that Sarah is really irked at Dime Bag and his crew for being arrogant arseholes, for she stands back and watches while Veronica cons them in 1.13 "Lord of the Bling." Played by Fabiola Francesca.
Cara's sister. She's the stuttering DJ who'll do and say anything on-air to provoke a reaction. She rebels against political correctness in episode 5, and discusses sex in episode 9. She has a fling with Granger earlier in the series. Sarah loves Techno in any way, shape or form.
Sarah is a character in Konami's role playing game Genso Suikoden. Sarah was a maid that worked in Kirov, she now lives and works in Marie's inn in Gregminster.
a great example of what determination and dedication can do for an athlete
an active amputee athlete who has participated in six marathons
Sarah is an enculturated research chimpanzee whose cognitive skills are documented in The Mind of an Ape, by David Premack and Ann James Premack (1983). Sarah was one of nine chimpanzees in David Premack's psychology laboratory in Pennsylvania. Sarah was born in Africa in 1962.
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"Sarah" is the song by Eskimo Joe from their album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine. It is their second single, after "Black Fingernails, Red Wine".
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Bryant of Terra. Defected to the side of the Witch.
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a local poet and College Tutor
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a good example of what hard work can get you