Definitions for "David"
Youngest of the eight sons of Jesse of Bethlehem, he was a shepherd who killed Goliath, a great warrior from the Philistine army; he later became known as the greatest king of Israel.
The second and great king of Israel who reigned about 1000 BCE and became king on the death of King Saul. He was of the tribe of Judah and, of note, killed the Philistine champion Goliath and wrote many of the Psalms (songs) in the Bible. Saint David: the patron saint of Wales. Legend has it that this British saint belonged to a noble family. He is said to have founded twelve monasteries and finally settled at Mynyw or Menevia, now St. Davids. He died round about 601 AD and his festival day is 1 March.
King of Israel, writer of the Psalms Evil - Things that are not of God.
Andrea del Verrochio's bronze statue of David was most likely made between 1473 and 1475. It was commisioned by the Medici family. It is sometimes claimed that Verrocchio modelled the statue after a handsome pupil in his workshop, the young Leonardo da Vinci.
David is a drama, the true story of David Rothenberg who was burned as a child by his father. This made-for-television movie co-starred Matthew Lawrence as David, Bernadette Peters as his mother, and John Glover as his father. It aired on ABC.
a senior investment consultant in our Norwalk, CT office
a senior writer and communications specialist for Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems in the Department of Health Policy, School of Public Health and Health Policy at The George Washington Unversity
David is a fictional character from the sci-fi book series Animorphs. He appears in #20: The Discovery, #21: The Threat, #22: The Solution, and #48: The Return.
a qualified architect who now lives in South India having escaped from captivity two months after the massacres when Tamil militants freed the surviving prisoners in a daring bloodless operation
a city in western Panama, south of Baru Volcano.
an electrician in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire U
Michelangelo's David, sculpted from 1500 to 1504, is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture and one of Michelangelo's two greatest works of sculpture, along with the Pietà. However, it is the David alone that almost certainly holds the title of the most recognizable statue in the history of art. It has become regarded as a symbol both of strength and youthful human beauty.
a Partner in the Accounting Assurance and Audit service line, working out of the Banff Office
a partner in the Minneapolis office, where he focuses exclusively on providing expatriate and foreign national tax services to corporate and individual clients
The name of one of my brothers, born February 2, 1964 in Auburndale, MA.....make that Waltham, MA USA
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see Dawood
an enthusiastic, energetic contributor, who routinely dedicates extra effort to improving the capabilities and service delivery of Area Ambulance
French neoclassical painter who actively supported the French Revolution (1748-1825)
a Professional Business Broker as well as a licensed CPA in the state of Alabama
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a lawyer by profession
David was a Spanish company manufacturing cars in Barcelona between 1913 and 1923 and again between 1951 and 1957.
a program manager with the Advanced Technology and Development Center, leading a group of engineers and scientists on the design and analysis of systems produced by the company
Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder.
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David is a common English name for males.