Definitions for "Book of Mormon"
Keywords:  mormon, smith, joseph, moroni, nephi
A fictional storybook concerning a bunch of Hebrews that sailed across the Pacific to the New World, built a huge civilization, was visited by Christ, and who conveniently disappeared just before Columbus arrived. Rather inconveniently, they left no archeological remains behind, except for a golden book written in Egyptian which also conveniently disappeared.
One of the standard works of the Church. An account of God's dealings with the people of the American continents from about 2,200 years before the birth of Jesus Christ to 421 years after the death of Jesus Christ. It was translated from gold plates by Joseph Smith and contains the fulness of the gospel.
An account of ancient inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, recorded on gold plates and translated by Joseph Smith. The record contains both a history of the people and the fullness of the everlasting gospel as revealed by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants.