Definitions for "digital"
Of or pertaining to the fingers; done with the fingers; as, digital compression; digital examination.
of or pertaining to digits{3}; expressed in digits{3}, or using digits{3}; as, a digital display; a digital clock.
performing internal logical and arithmetic operations by means of digits, usually represented as binary numbers. Contrasted to analog, wherein variables are represented as coninuous physical quantities such as voltages or the position of a pointer on a continuous scale; as, a digital computer.
The quality of utilizing numbers in a given scale of notation to represent all the quantities that occur in a problem or a calculation.
Refers to representing information by a steam of 1s and 0s. In the DVB system operated by Eutelsat, a single 33MHz transponder can transmit a usable data rate up to 45 Megabits per second. Typically, this can include up to 10 or more (depending on content & picture quality) TV channels or multiple data steams or any combination within the multiplex.
The type of technology used by Orange phones, giving clearer call quality, eliminating eavesdropping and allowing a range of innovative features.
Hi-tech method of mobile phone communications giving clearer calls
In instruments, the presentation of data in numeric form. Corvette's main instruments were digital from 1984-1989, partially digital from 1990-1996.
A process that uses numerical digits to create a uniform picture on a computer.
In this mode the clock displays the time numerically, e.g. 06:30.
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digital (DIG-ee-tal)
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The part of the limb below the ankle (fetlock) joint. Includes the long and short pastern bones and the coffin bone.
I don't know enough about the various methods used here to discuss them intelligently, except to say -- watch out. Many "artists" have started using the computer to manipulate a photo or painting, print it out, and call it an original print. It's not, it's a computer-manipulated copy. Fine if you like the results, but you shouldn't be paying more than a few bucks for it. (If this subject really interests you; the real issue here is, who is The Creator? The artist who uses a few Photoshop effects to manipulate the image? Or the clever folks at Adobe who wrote the image-manipulating software? Most professionals default towards the latter and do not consider such images to be "original art.")
Often called USB headphones. Digital headphones connect to the computer via USB cables. Some digital headphones require software (supplied) to function.
Files for printing that are produced on the computer.
leaves of Digitalis purpurea. Used as a sedative and cardiac tonic, slowing and strengthening the heart beat.
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Varying between two states, a polarity. For example, a light switch is either on or off. Auditory digital refers to thinking, processing, and communicating using words, rather than in the five senses.
A controller thats either on or off.
Electronic information using on/off sequences to convey information.
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see countdown.
Electronic; composed of bits and bytes, as opposed to atoms and molecules.
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, California. Third worldwide computer manufacturer, recentered on processors business, and more especially the 64-bit Alpha chip
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Any watch that shows the time in numbers instead of hands on a dial.
Said of watches whose indications are displayed mostly inside an aperture or window (s.) on the dial.
A time display that uses numbers for hours and seconds.
Digital telephony, i.e., coded processing and delivery, for example Dterm (see below).
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Digital Zoom Diversity
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Sound streamed as a series of digits (0s and 1s). Used as a method of storage on DVD, CD, DAT and MD for example.
Terms used to describe any information that has been translated into a corresponding series of 1s and 0s; any information - text, sound, image, color, may be digitized.
A process whereby you render content as a series of 1s and 0s, recreating it in the original form at a later time in the process.
Using fingers. ("He was accused of digital penetration for putting his finger in her vagina.")
digitus, a finger or toe). Pertaining to a finger or toe.
The art of counting on your fingers.
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While some will have built-in digital TV receivers and some won't, these sets are capable of displaying digital and high definition images- -i.e., at least 480p and often higher. While these TVs are digital and high definition ready, like Traditional TVs their screens are also roughly square (4:3 aspect ratio).
verbal communication.
The term given to the communication method of wireless devices that use Bluetooth.
Any model which is considered Digital cannot be harmed by non-digital models using Weapon Type S weapons. An expanded definition of Digital will come in future upgrades...
Art Files - All original copy, including type, photos and illustrations, intended for printing supplied by a designer in a page layout or other application suitable for digital output.
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Digital subscriber line (DSL)
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Measurement Prefixes TCP
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an image composed of pixels or dots
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Is one that pays out a fixed amount if the underlying is above (or below) a pre-specified level on a given date, usually the maturity date of the product.
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A product paying a fixed return based on the performance of the underlying. Typically if it rises a high fixed return is paid, if not then a lower return is paid.