Definitions for "DOTS"
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The circular spots between the foul line and the arrows used to assist a bowler in targeting. These are also called dowels. On the approach, there are also (usually) two rows of dots to help a bowler to line up his feet consistently.
1) Imbedded in the lane just past the foul line and used by some bowlers as their target. 2) A series of markings on the approach used to assist the bowler in lining up on the approach.
Marks on the lane that are used to set the point of origin.
DOTS is a proven approach to TB control that comprises political commitment with increased and sustained financing; case detection through quality-assured bacteriology; standardized treatment with supervision and patient support; an effective drug supply and management system; and a monitoring and evaluation system and impact measurement. Pursuing high-quality DOTS expansion and enhancement is the first component of the WHO-recommended Stop TB Strategy.
Directly observed therapy, short-course. WHO has developed a control strategy known as Directly Observed Therapy, Short-course, which requires microscopy based diagnosis, standardised treatment under direct supervision, a secure supply of quality drugs and equipment, careful monitoring and supervision, and political commitment to support these activities.
Directly Observed Treatment -- Short Course.
plaster applied in small dabs to either the background or backing, levelled or plumbed and then used as grounds for the formation of the final plaster surface.
Prototype of Collaboration Flow Management System. Aims at supporting the opportunistic flow of informal and formal collaboration among a virtual team .
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Dots are a brand of gum drops marketed by Tootsie Roll Industries.
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A circle of dots can mean that you'll be taking a holiday.
halftone Minute, symmetrical subdivisions of the printing surface formed by a halftone screen.
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Lots of dots indicate monetary gains.