Definitions for "background"
Ground in the rear or behind, or in the distance, as opposed to the foreground, or the ground in front.
The space which is behind and subordinate to a portrait or group of figures.
Anything behind, serving as a foil; as, the statue had a background of red hangings.
Minor amounts of radioactivity due not to abnormal amounts of radioactive minerals nearby, but to cosmic rays and minor residual radioactivity in the vicinity.
Celestial emission towards the direction of the source. The contributions are: Zodiacal Light, diffuse galactic emission and local diffuse emission in the vicinity of the source.
Natural radiation caused by sun exposure, cosmic rays from space, and radioactive elements found in the earth's crust. Radon, which emanates from the ground, is an example of natural radiation. Cosmic rays include energetic protons, electrons, gamma rays, and x-rays. The primary radioactive elements found in the earth's crust are uranium, thorium, and potassium, and their radioactive derivatives.
The part of the photograph or illustration that surrounds the main object.
The spaces, quiet zones and areas surrounding a printed symbol.
the average concentration of an element or typical geophysical response in an area
The signals that may be detected by a measurement which are not due to the phenomenon being studied, and tend to make the measurement uncertain to a greater or lesser degree.
extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured; "they got a bad connection and could hardly hear one another over the background signals"
Any effect in a sensor or other apparatus or system, above which the phenomenon of interest must manifest itself before it can be observed.
The area of a painting that appears furthest away.
The field in which a thing necessarily appears and to which it is strictly related. It is "the nexus of objects and objective sense explicitly posited along with any object" ( Runes). There are no "things-in-themselves," i.e. separate from a background.
That portion of a photograph or line art drawing that appears furthest from the eye; the surface upon which the main image is superimposed.
(1) (n.) On a UNIX® system, the process of freeing the terminal for other uses while another task is running. See also background process. (2) (n.) The main color of a terminal screen on which contrasting characters and graphics are displayed.
A background is a default color or image for a page. A Web author may add a Netscape extension to an HTML file to create a background, or a browser may display Web pages using a browser-defined default color and override any background previously defined.
Is used to change background colour.
Electronic noise present in a system using electronic measuring instrument or in a telecommunications system, which may hide and which must be differentiated from the desired signal; also called background noise or noise.
In astronomy, a background is the "noise" seen in any detector. A familiar example is the static picked up by a cell phone. The static is inevitable, but is not part of the original message sent by the caller.
In astronomy, background commonly refers to the incoming light from an apparently empty part of the night sky.
The set of conditions that precede and affect an action, such as the social and historical precedents for the event, as well as the general background{5}; as, against the background of their expulsion by the Serbs, the desire of Kosovars for vengeance is understandable though regrettable.
information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem; "the embassy filled him in on the background of the incident"
Introduction Joseph Desch History of the Bombe project US Navy Cryptanalytic Bombe NCR during WWII Navy Blue: WAVES training pamphlet
When a process is set to run "in the background" no visual cue will alert you to the process. During a background process, you can continue to work normally.
A program running in background does so unattended and in parallel to other activities going on in a computer. Daemons run in background.
A DAQ system task (such as acquiring data) that occurs without interruption while another program routine is running.
Background was the influential first LP released by Lifetime, and is to this day seen as one of the greatest released in the punk and hardcore music genres. It was remixed and remastered on Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey.
A place in obscurity or retirement, or out of sight.
Effects that obscure a specific signal such as background “noise” in chart recorders. In transfer membranes, background results from probes attaching to sites other than the specific or complementary molecules. Blocking the nonspecific sites with substances to which the probe will not bind can prevent this.
The surface of your desktop on which icons and windows appear; you can customize its appearance using the Display Properties dialog box.
the picture or color used on the desktop.
The area defined by a white rectangle on the Microsoft PhotoDraw workspace. When you save a PhotoDraw picture in any file format other than .MIX, your picture is cropped to this rectangle.
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A summery of a character and their pre-game life; an IC bio. If you submit a background for your character during or after character creation, the staff will equip that character with appropriate stats and skills. It is highly recommended. Submit backgrounds to [email protected]
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Apparent absorbtion caused by anything other than the substance for which the analysis is being made.
A model state which is the a-priori guess at the true state of the system. It is a forecast which has been started from the analysis at the previous assimilation cycle and is used, in conjunction with a set of observations, to help find the new analysis state. The background state appears in the cost function (Eq. (1)).
relatively unimportant or inconspicuous accompanying situation; "when the rain came he could hear the sound of thunder in the background"
A part played in accompaniment. The term typically implies accompaniment played by melody instruments.
a person's social heritage: previous experience or training; "he is a lawyer with a sports background"
a bonus here, as is his experience gleaned from lecturing at the Wharton School
One's total experience and education.
scenery hung at back of stage
retinopathy Early stage of diabetic retinopathy; usually does not impair vision. Also called "nonproliferative retinopathy."
Raw signal when assay activity is zero.
A measurement of signal intensity caused by autofluoresence of array surface and non-specific binding of target/stain molecules (SAPE).
string Simple Descriptive background of security.
Hintergrund The simple progression which spans an entire piece and from which the piece is theoretically generated. This is often virtually synonymous with first level middleground more...
An agreement between a journalist and an interviewee that the name of the interviewee will not be quoted in any publication, although the substance of the remarks may be reported; -- often used in the phrase "on background". Compare deep background.
A property of a Clause that specifies a system invariant rather than properties of a Mode Transition. For example, every Variable must have exactly one value. If the domain is v1, v2, ... , , then the Constraints are variable[timeStep]=v1 | variable[timeStep]=v2 | ... | variable[timeStep]=vn !variable[timeStep]=v1 | !variable[timeStep]=v2 !variable[timeStep]=v1 | !variable[timeStep]=v3 ... !variable[timeStep]=v(n-1) | !variable[timeStep]=vn
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a collection of billboards
Each applicant and all CONTROLLING PERSONS must furnish background information and a set of fingerprints. No license will be issued to any person who within five (5) years has been convicted of a felony, or convicted of an offense in another state that would be a felony in this state. ARS 4-202(B,D,F), 4-101(3)
understate the importance or quality of; "he played down his royal ancestry"
Usually refers to excess staining, beyond the intended target tissue/organelle.
become being beyond brief
a surface that when drawn upon, displays on the hardware
a surface other than any plaster rendered surface on to which plaster or render is applied eg: stone, brick, concrete, lathing, etc.
Information that a reporter uses to understand a story that does not appear in story as published or aired.
1. A story that is not assigned a deadline. (See also "backgrounder.") 2. Any information that is given to reporter not specifically for a quote, but for general information on a subject.
The set of conditions within which an action takes place, including the social and physical conditions as well as the psychological states of the participants; as, within the background of the massive budget deficits of the 1980's, new spending programs had little chance of passage by the congress.
The visual, radiographic or electronic response against which an indication from a discontinuity must be viewed.
firing rate most neurones are not 'silent', but respond spontaneously with a background, or resting, rate of action potentials, even when not directly stimulated.
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a template that has the ability to search for the existence of the local nntp server must be an internal header with one single click
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The Extra performers. On the set, "Background!" is a verbal cue for the Extras to start their action.
See Extras
Same as atmosphere or extra.
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what's in back. (Drawing Lesson 17)
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The neutral fabric in your quilt. Not every quilt has a background fabric.
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The Background dialog box provides various options that let you change the background look of a single slide or every slide in the presentation.
the state of the environment in which a situation exists; "you can't do that in a university setting"
Set Theory
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a plus, as is color
The color or pattern under the text in the document.
An internal designation for a label that has most of the color on the background and the wording is aluminum.
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Part of a window frame that includes the inner border and the text of the title (if any), which are generally white.
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an effective way to give your page a unique look that people will remember
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The actual map to which layers can be added. A variety of map backgrounds can be seen depending on the chosen map scale.
Normal amount of metal in soil or rock, where there is no presence of mineralization.
a larger plus systems supported are very data intensive
That portion of film or copy containing no information.
information that is not intended for publication
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a good place to start
Any processes taking place which are not directly controlled by the current application are in the background.