Definitions for "ICM "
Also used as the file suffix to denote a colour profile.
Integrated Coverage Measurement. A coverage measurement technique that combines estimates of missed persons with enumeration results before producing a single set of official census results.
ICM is a type of case management service provided by Maine's Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services (BDS).
Improved Conventional Munitions
improved conventional munition
The ICM is an asynchronous communication model for facilitating communication between distributed software processes, especially software agents. It comprises a programming interface , a software message handling daemon and a communication protocol. Currently, the bindings of the API are available for APRIL and C.
An incoming message left by caller.
Incoming Message: recorded voice messages that are received into an answering machine or a message center fax machine.
Increasingly Complex Micro-Worlds. A microworld is a sufficiently consistent subset of a system, in which only part of the functionality is available, and therefore it is easier to use. The idea is to provide more and more functionality (ICMs) when a user is proficient in the current microworld BurtonBrownFischer1984.
image color matching. An application interface that communicates the color information of each device so that applications can accurately display, print, and pass colors on to other users and applications. Other operating systems may use different color matching schemes. Video content created using non-ICM data does not render correctly on Windows based computers.
The color matching method used by Windows 98, 95, and 2000 to match the colors in your printout with the colors displayed on your screen.
Image Color Matching. Windows color management system designed to help you get WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) color output. This software displays colors on your screen as they exist on the scanned documents, or prints colors as you see them on your screen.
Institute for Complementary Medicine
Institute for Cellular Medicine
Introduction to Clinical Medicine
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Ignition Control Module
Information, communication and new media: a descriptor for a segment of the high technology sector.
Individual Clearing Members. An individual clearing member (public order) is entitled to clear transactions made for his own account and for clients. Individual clearing members (non public order) are entitled to clear transactions for their own account only.
See Individual Clearing Member.
International Conference on Magnetism
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Inner Cell Mass