Definitions for "Ignition"
The act of igniting, kindling, or setting on fire.
The state of being ignited or kindled.
A process which initiates the combustion of the compressed air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. In a spark-ignition engine, the mixture is ignited by an electric spark; in a diesel engine, the self-igniting mixture must be preheated by glow plugs when a cold start is performed.
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Ignition is the second album released by The Offspring on October 16, 1992. Some sources incorrectly list March 8, 1993 as the release date. Although not widely recognised, it is a firm fan favorite and contains the track "Dirty Magic", held as one the band's finest achievements.
Ignition is a PC game released in 1997 by Virgin Interactive. It features miniature cars, much like Death Rally.
Ignition (Remix) is a single by R&B singer R. Kelly in his Chocolate Factory album in 2003. The song was a remix to the previous Ignition.
Local initiation of an autowave (self-propagating) process
The initiation of a chemical reaction that is exothermic, giving off heat and propagating without an additional outside energy source. NanoFoil® initiation may be considered an ignition event.
See autoignition, compression ignition, conventional ignition, piezoelectric ignition, and transistor ignition.
The point at which a market gains momentum, liquidity is achieved, and the Net market becomes a more efficient means of buying and selling than the traditional physical market or channel. (Related term: Critical mass, liquidity, network effect.)