Definitions for "Transistor"
a component used in electronic devices consisting of three regions of at least two types of a semiconducting material, such as doped silicon, connected to each other and to three electrodes in a conducting path so as to modify the current or voltage in an electronic circuit.
Device made from solid semiconductor material that can amplify audio signals.
An active semiconductor device, usually made of silicon or germanium, having three or more electrodes. The three main electrodes used are the emitter, base, and collector.
The on and off switches found inside every single piece of computer equippment, the on and off states on transistors is the language of the computer, binary. Today's advanced CPU's have millions upon million of transistors.
Transistor is the fourth studio album by 311. It was released on August 5, 1997. The album was certified Platinum, having sold over 1 million copies.
Transistor is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. While it kept the alternative feel of Firefly, it was more successful than Firefly, with the song "Just Like God" receiving some radioplay.
a fundamental electronic component that is the main constituent of microchips, and is used in just about all electronic equipment
a semi-conductor and uses the same fundamental principles that early radios with a crystal used
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Treble boost
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a widget, if ever there was one
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a building block, you still need to bias it and put it into a gain configuration
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See "P-N Junction".
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