Definitions for "FET "
A-type of transistor commonly used in integrated circuitry.
A transistor whose control, or gate, signal creates an electro-magnetic field which turns the transistor ON or OFF.
Field-Effect Transister. Semiconductor device used in LNAS, LNBS, and LNCS. See also GaAs.
Frozen Embryo Transfer. A procedure where frozen embryos are thawed and then placed into the uterus.
Frozen embryo transfer. The replacement of cryopreserved embryo in a monitored, natural medicated hormone replacement cycle.
Frozen Embryo Transfer. Frozen embryos can be thawed and transferred to the patient’s uterus at an appropriate time in a menstrual cycle.
forced expiratory technique. A strong expiration made by contracting the abdominal muscles while keeping the mouth and glottis open (unlike a cough, which requires closure of the glottis), also called huff technique.
Fet is a municipality in the county of Akershus, Norway. The municipality centre is Fetsund.
FET automatically schedules the timetable of a faculty , using genetic algorithms. It aims to have the same functionality as expensive scheduling programs.
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Financial Evaluation Team
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A piece.
To fetch.