Definitions for "Distortion"
The act of distorting, or twisting out of natural or regular shape; a twisting or writhing motion; as, the distortions of the face or body.
The state of being distorted, or twisted out of shape or out of true position; crookedness; perversion.
An unnatural deviation of shape or position of any part of the body producing visible deformity.
Aberration in optical lenses. If the magnification of an optical system changes by the radius, objects near the axis are displayed in a different measure than objects distant to the axis. Example: quadrate. If the enlargement increases towards the edges of the image area, the corners of the quadrate will be more enlarged than the straight lines. The result looks like a cushion and is therefore called cushion-shaped aberration. In the contrary case one speaks of a barrel-shaped aberration.
Misrepresentation of an image. Wide angle lenses normally produce more distortion than tele lenses.
Variations in magnification from the center to the edge of an image, making straight lines seem to curve. Barrel, or negative, distortion causes a square grid to appear barrel-shaped; pincushion, or positive, distortion increases in proportion to the distance from the center of the image.
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Distortion is the third album from San Francisco, California thrash metal band, Forbidden.
In the world of guitar music and guitar amplification, distortion is actively sought, evaluated, and appreciatively discussed in its endless flavors. In many types of music, distortion is applied to guitar and other instruments, particularly within Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal. Guitar distortion can provide a sustaining tone for playing solos or leads, or a rough, crunchy tone suitable for rhythm guitar.
Distortion is the first solo album from Joseph "DJ Run" Simmons.
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lowpass unipolar
Any departure from the ideal of perfect competition that interferes with economic agents maximizing social welfare when they maximize their own. Includes taxes and subsidies, tariffs and NTBs, externalities, incomplete information, and imperfect competition.
Representing an internal experience or the 'deep structure' of an experience in a limiting, or changed or incomplete way, along with generalization and deletion or omission.
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Printed pattern appears bowed, wavy, warped, or otherwise deformed.
A drying defect caused by the differential shrinkage along the three axes of a piece of wood. Distortion may take the form of cup, bow, twist, spring or diamonding.
Deformation produced by fabrication and rolling processes. (Impact, welding, lack of fit).
Nonproportional representation of an original.
The process of including changes into ones internal representation so that things get, "blown out of proportion", "the truth gets stretched", things get "twisted" or "bent", allowing us to shift our sensory data.
Non-proportional representation of an original.
Distortion in news reporting refers to the creation of a false or misleading impression arising from factors other than personal prejudice, such as ignorance of or inexperience with the topic, dependence on sources with hidden biases, lack of professional standards, and reliance on widespread cultural attitudes.
An unexplained error in the photography that is not consistent with normal photo geometry. This may occur due to problems with materials used in the production of the film or prints, malfunctions of the camera or a host of other random events affecting the photographic process.
Irregularities in a received fax document due to problems occurring during the transmission of the fax. Most distortion problems are corrected with the use of the ECM in the fax device.
the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean
The modeling process by which we inaccurately represent something in our neurology or linguistics, can occur to create limitations or resources. The process by which we represent the external reality in terms of our neurology. Distortion occurs when we use language to describe, generalize, and theorize about our experience.
(the extent to which a system fails to reproduce the characteristics of it's input through it's output. in optics, called abberation.)
The amount by which a circuit or component fails to reproduce accurately the characteristics of the input.
A compoundment of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness through the Tension of Wholeness upon itself. The result of an experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself, (see below).
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See Warpage.
How to make people see things your way without arguing the point, simply distort everything until it fits your viewpoint. See I Am Not Shouting
An element is distorted when it is not printed accurately. In other words, elements are always distorted. The theoretical limit for distortion in UPC/EAN is 1/2 module.
A wresting from the true meaning.
Prices which do not reflect true costs, usually due to government intervention
when a subject does not respond honestly to questions.
The horizontal splitting of pawns caused by advances.
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See map distortion.
The space distortion of a map projection, consisting of warping of direction, area, and scale across the extent of the map.
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a really good bridge choice, though
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A general term when the object is not shown exactly as is.
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a condition which is different from this ideal state or condition
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Distortion See Film Reduction.