Definitions for "WarPing"
a moral or mental distortion
change of the appearance by weighted distortion
Synonymous with the misused term "buckle" when describing film distortions. These terms are too vague to be helpful in communication.
Commonly found on timber shakes and asphalt shingles where ageing causes the product to bend.
A slight bend, uplift or subsidence of Earth's crust on a regional scale.
Process of bending or twisting models.
Warping es un proyecto m�ltiple, en el se publican traducciones y m�dulos de otros proyectos como Xoops o GOsa.
A change in the shape of the part after ejection.
A piece has lost its original shape in the greeware due to improper handling in the greenware or bisque firing.
The change of a surface; wall, floor, ceiling, etc. from its original shape due to water, moisture or heat.
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The operation of winding WARP YARN onto a BEAM in suitable arrangement for use as WARP in the LOOM.
the assembly of hundreds of parallel warp yarns on to the warp beam in preparation for slashing. The process is done by a warper.
Operation in which a predetermined number of parallel and equally tensioned yarns or ends are pulled from a creel, and wound by a warper on a large spool called beam, to make up the section beam.
the book is misshapen. This can occur from misbinding, poor storage or handling and of course from water/sun damage.
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A defect of binder boards where the edges of the sheet have expanded more than the center, producing wavy edges or a curl around an axis diagonal to the length of the sheet. to top
See rubber sheeting.
A method which can overcome some of the problems of edge matching. It can also be used to resolve registration problems arising from digitizing source maps of different scales, different projections, and varying coordinate systems.
the transformation of life by magical energies or direct exposure to chaos.
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Wash Wash
The art or occupation of preparing warp or webs for the weaver.
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The act or process of one who, or that which, warps.