Definitions for "Selvage"
The edge of cloth which is woven in such a manner as to prevent raveling.
The edge plate of a lock, through which the bolt passes.
The tightly woven edge formed by the crosswise yarns. Runs parallel to the lengthwise grain. General sewing term.
The marginal paper on a sheet or pane of stamps. Selvage may be unprinted or may contain printer's markings or other information.
border consisting of an ornamental fringe at either end of an oriental carpet
The margin of a pane of stamps that usually includes the plate number and other markings such as copyright notices. Souvenir Sheet - Stamps issued in a special format primarily for stamp collectors. Most souvenir sheets include only one of each stamp design and usually have a special decorative border.
The unsurfaced strip along a sheet or roll roofing which forms the underportion at the lap in the application of the roof covering. French (Lisière)
The non exposed area on rolled roofing. Area without granules. Designed for nail placement and sealant.
That portion of roll roofing overlapped by the succeeding course to obtain single or double coverage at the lap.
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A layer of clay or decomposed rock along the wall of a vein. See Gouge, n., 4.
The area of the point of contact between a vein and the surrounding rock.
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Another term for trim waste.