Definitions for "Shingle"
A piece of wood sawed or rived thin and small, with one end thinner than the other, -- used in covering buildings, especially roofs, the thick ends of one row overlapping the thin ends of the row below.
To cover with shingles; as, to shingle a roof.
To cut, as hair, so that the ends are evenly exposed all over the head, as shingles on a roof.
Round, water-worn, and loose gravel and pebbles, or a collection of roundish stones, such as are common on the seashore and elsewhere.
A loose term for coarse beach material, a mixture of GRAVEL, PEBBLES and larger material, often well-rounded and of hard rock, e.g. chert, flint, etc.
Coarse grained beach sediment dominated by gravel but including some sand. Shoreline One characteristic of the coast, often poorly defined, but essentially the interface between land and sea.
a small signboard outside the office of a lawyer or doctor, e.g.
a text fingerprint that is invariant under small perturbations
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Operational code name for the Allied landings at Anzio - January 1944
Keywords:  burnt, toast, cold, piece
a piece of cold, burnt toast
Keywords:  shindling, furnace, pudding, iron, mass
To subject to the process of shindling, as a mass of iron from the pudding furnace.
a disease that is seen only on homocysteine aged adults
Keywords:  saddle, gutter, bulk, stitched, margin
To vary the gutter margin according to the position of the page in the signature, and the paper bulk; done on larger signatures; most commonly used for saddle stitched books where signatures are inserted. to top
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Upon ejection, tablets may rock and stack, then back up on the die table instead of pushing each other off the press.
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A sign for an office or a shop; as, to hang out one's shingle.