Definitions for "Placer deposit"
Keywords:  erode, beach, sediment, gravel, sand
Concentrations of metal grains in stream sediment that develop when rocks containing native metals erode and create a mixture of sand grains and metal fragments; the moving water of the stream carries away lighter mineral grains.
(die) Seife Placers or placer deposits are deposits of secondary origin. Through wheathering and mechanical (fluvial) transportation ores can be congregated and enriched. Concentrations of ores are usually higher than in the original rocks. Typical ores of placers would be those of tin, gold, platinum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium. Diamonds are also to be found in placers. (EDWARDS, R. & K. ATKINSON 1986, S.175ff).
A deposit of a mineral formed by a concentration of heavy minerals in flowing water, such as by a stream or waves.