Definitions for "Marl"
Keywords:  calcareous, crumbly, clay, earthy, lime
A mixed earthy substance, consisting of carbonate of lime, clay, and sand, in very variable proportions, and accordingly designated as calcareous, clayey, or sandy. See Greensand.
A calcareous clay, or mixture of clay and particles of calcite or dolomite. Usually fragments of shells.
a crumbly clay and limestone soil that also contains shells; typical of Cote d'Or in Burgundy.
Keywords:  siltstone, limy, shale, cement
A shale or siltstone with limy cement.
Keywords:  overspread, manure, field
To overspread or manure with marl; as, to marl a field.
To cover, as part of a rope, with marline, marking a pecular hitch at each turn to prevent unwinding.
Keywords:  twist, multi, texture, yarn, wind
A multi colored yarn formed by twisting together two or more yarns to form a single yarn. They may be different in color, texture or both.
To wind or twist a small line or rope around another
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