Definitions for "Sinter"
Dross, as of iron; the scale which files from iron when hammered; -- applied as a name to various minerals.
A chemical sediment deposited by a mineral spring.
Mineral deposit formed by mineral-rich spring water which comes to the surface and loses its capacity to withhold the dissolved mineral, thereby depositing it and forming a growing mound.
Keywords:  melting, coherent, blast, weld, furnace
The process by which two particles weld together without a liquid present.
The two- to four-inch chunks of solid material that result from roasting the sulfur away from the lead concentrate. This material becomes feed to the blast furnace.
used of powdery metals or ores; to cause to become a coherent mass by heating without melting
Keywords:  cure, thermally, treat, material
To thermally cure or treat a material.