Definitions for "Wrought Iron"
Keywords:  forge, malleable, hammer, iron, slag
In its perfect condition, wrought iron is simply pure iron, but, owing to impurities (to a certain degree) being present, it only approximates to that condition.
Iron construction that is created by the use of heating iron and pounding it into a shape with a hammer.
A commercial iron that has little use today and has been replaced by mild steel. It was commonly produced by the puddling process. The temperatures employed in its production are too low to render it fluid, it is heated until it forms a pasty mass then it is squeezed or forged. The process does not lend itself to removal of impurities so it contains an appreciable quantity of slag. It will not respond to any heat treatment designed to increase the hardness or strength.
Keywords:  patio, rust, chairs, railings, preserve
Type of material that is used typically for railings or patio chairs and tables. It is painted with special paint to prevent rust and preserve the finish. Mostly commonly it is black or white.