Definitions for "Continuous Casting"
Keywords:  billet, tundish, slab, ingot, bloom
A process for forming a bar of constant cross-section directly from molten metal by gradually withdrawing the bar from a die as the metal flowing into the die solidifies.
A means of casting aluminum in which an ingot, billet, tube or other shape is continuously solidified and withdrawn while the molten metal is being poured, so that its length is not determined by mold dimensions.
A method of casting steel into a billet, bloom or slab directly from its molten form. Continuous casting avoids the need for large, expensive mills for rolling ingots into slabs. Continuous cast slabs also solidify in a few minutes versus several hours for an ingot. As a result, the chemical composition and mechanical properties are more uniform. Steel from the BOF or electric furnace is poured into a tundish (a shallow vessel that looks like a bathtub) atop the continuous caster. As steel carefully flows from the tundish down into the water-cooled copper mold of the caster, it solidifies into a ribbon of red-hot steel. At the bottom of the caster, torches cut the continuously flowing steel to form slabs or blooms.
Keywords:  sucessive, idle, batch, stages, replace
A sucessive series of operations that used to produce metal pieces. These operations often replace batch processes which are done in stages, leaving some equipment idle while others are in operation.