Definitions for "Foundry"
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A workshop where sculptures are cast.
A factory where metal is poured in the molten state into molds or where it is hammered or shaped while very hot into forgings
Shop where metal sculpture is cast in moulds. Gases given off by molten metals are siphoned off through a series of runners and risers: Furnace temperature for melted bronze is 1010 degrees Celsius or 1880 Fahrenheit. See also Casting, Mould
a manufacturing facility which manufactures semiconductors designed by another firm on a contractual basis
a severe manufacturing environment that can seriously damage both modern technology and heavy machinery
A wafer production and processing plant. Usually referring to a facility that is available on a contract basis.
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a dirty, filthy, smelly, smoky, sweaty place to work in
Foundry is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe whose first appearance was in Force Works #6 as a member of the Mandarin's Avatars.
a device-independent toolset for the implementation of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
a very, very dangerous environment even for a perfectly enabled person," Palese said
Provides classes and utilities at an extremely fine-grained level to assist with the most repetitive and tedious tasks of software development.
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a collection of typefaces
a major investment with a short lifecycle, high cost, and long time to build