Definitions for "GATES"
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The system of vents, within the mold, to let air escape when pouring molten metal. This reduces air pockets and also lets the person, who is pouring, know when the mold is full of molten metal.
Channels cut in a mold that carry molten metal to the mold cavity
The openings in the gating system that transfer the molten metal from the runners into the mold cavity.
Gates vary: lifting barriers; normal soft skinned gates, which can be clad as an extension to the cover-from-view screen, strengthened gates which can resist small arms or projectiles; blast and vehicle bomb resisting gates. Gates are designed for the specific location and threat. They are most effective if used in pairs as lock gates; or in a labyrinth. They are best if covered by Sangars. They may be used in combination with blast walls or dead stop barriers or both.
The STEEL HEADS can be viewed as a GATE. (ref. the PIPER at the GATES of DAWN)
In the fictional DC Universe, Ti'julk Mr'asz, codename Gates, is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Like all natives of the planet Vyrga, Gates has a largely insectoid body. He is also noted for his strong political views, tending towards communism, socialism, and anarchy.
A vertical sliding, counterweighted device used to provide entrance protection on freight elevators. It consists of two panels usually made of expanded metal. The blades telescope to reduce overhead space requirements.
In a trial, the obstacles through which the dog must move the sheep; also called panels.
1. See Gates, Bill. 2. The entrance to Hell. See Gates of Hell.
We usually have 2-7 "gates" leading into the ritual area. The gates may involve invoking one or more of the elements (air/fire, etc.) or some other aspect (spring, summer) and having those passing listen to a brief speech, and/or touching or being sprinkled with something representing the element or thing being invoked, and/or answering a ritual challenge. The gates have a twofold purpose: 1. mystically, to cleanse you before you enter the sacred space; and 2. psychologically, to let you take a few minutes to mentally prepare to enter into the sacred and to separate the ritual from everyday life.
United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955)
The fundamental building blocks used to construct digital circuits
The basic building blocks of digital circuits. An electronic circuit that performs the operations of Boolean algebra by manipulating two voltage levels HI corresponding to 1 and LO corresponding to 0. The basic gates have names derived from formal logic (AND, OR, NOT)
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"C.R.E.A.M." places where drugs are sold, such as crack houses and weedspots
Pictorial representation of bits; open gate represents a "yes" choice; closed gate represents a "no" choice
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Traditional designs from sawn or round wood timber as well as original and unique designs.
Geostationary Advanced Technology Environmental System
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Openings in channels or basins to allow water to flow in or out.
Used with flashing signals at certain crossings to warn that a train is approaching.
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When they’re closed, so are we.
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See Control Gate. [D02806