Definitions for "Feeder"
One who, or that which, gives food or supplies nourishment; steward.
A stream that flows into another body of water; a tributary; specifically (Hydraulic Engin.), a water course which supplies a canal or reservoir by gravitation or natural flow.
An auxiliary part of a machine which supplies or leads along the material operated upon.
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One who eats or feeds; specifically, an animal to be fed or fattened.
One who fattens cattle for slaughter.
Animals (e.g., cattle, lambs, pigs) that need further feeding prior to slaughter.
(der) Speiser, (der) Steiger Feeders or risers are reservoirs of molten metal in the mould that are used to feed the mould with metal during solidification. As metal shrinks when it solidifies, the risers have to be applied in way the solidify last. This is an industrial concept where huge amounts of metal are poured, or great wall thicknesses have to be realised. It is rarely applied in prehostoric or art casting.
System to feed ink to the rollerball tip from the ink reservoir
Sometimes referred to as a "riser," it is part of the gating system that forms the reservoir of molten metal necessary to compensate for losses due to shrinkage as the metal solidifies.
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Feeder is the part of the press that separates the sheets of paper and feeds them into position for printing.
A structure or stream that fed water either from lakes or rivers into the canal to maintain the required or desired water level. A feeder lock often helped control the entry of the water into the canal and prevented canal water from backing up or leaking out of the canal.
The section of a sheet-fed printing press that separates the sheets and feeds them in position for printing.
A conveyor adapted to control the rate of delivery of packages or objects.
A machine that feeds coal onto a conveyor belt evenly.
A conveyor that is designed to control the rate of delivery of objects.
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A branch railroad, stage line, air route, or the like; a side line which increases the business of the main line.
A small lateral lode falling into the main lode or mineral vein.
Immature adult salmon. Extensive ocean migration begins at this growth period.
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Feeder are a rock band that formed in Newport, South Wales in 1992. The band's members are Welsh singer/guitarist/songwriter, Grant Nicholas, Japanese bass guitarist Taka Hirose, and English drummer Mark Richardson. The band is also accompanied on tour by second guitarist Dean Tidey of Sandstone Veterans and formerly Velvet Jones.
Feeders are used to provide or supplement nutrients for a bee hive. A feeder in beekeeping can be several different things.
An artificial device, usually loaded with artificial nectar in the form of sugar water, that will attract hummingbirds.
A device in the circulating water line of the pool, which provides a constant controlled source of chlorine, usually in the form of tablets for the re-circulating water.
(Also: Satellite) A Feeder is a tournament which funnels winners from one tournament to another. Often, several Feeders are strung together to create a "tournament ladder" where players can enter for a low cost at the bottom and win their way into high stakes tournaments. Back To
a road that runs alongside an interstate, or major freeway
One who furnishes incentives; an encourager.
One who has a fetish for fat women and feeds his partner, often encouraging her to gain more weight.
In intermodal moves, a pickup/delivery vehicle or ship.
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A strong discharge of gas from a fissure; a blower.
A steer or heifer of sufficient size to move into the finishing phase of production.
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Person who "sets" the ball to the "spiker".
a temporary grain container or vertical trunk fitted in the hatch of a hold to feed it as the grain settles after loading
A cylindrical channel through which magma rises to the Earth's surface.
someone who consumes food for nourishment
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a really different story
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One who feeds and conditions cocks for fighting.
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Small container carrier.
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a person in a relationship with a feedee
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Person who passes to more than one person in a feed.