Definitions for "Porosity"
Keywords:  pore, void, porous, volume, sediment
The quality or state of being porous; -- opposed to density.
The amount of space or pores within soil or rock, relative to the total volume of that substance.
A measure of the relative volume of void space in rock to the total rock volume. These spaces or pores are where oil and gas accumulate; therefore, a formation containing a high percentage of porosity can contain more hydrocarbons.
Refers to the openness or compactness of the fibers in a paper and is measured by the ability of air to pass through the sheet. The more open a paper is, the greater its porosity.
The degree of compactness of the fibers of the paper. For the explanation of the test to determine the porosity of the surface of paper or board, see Chapter 6.
A measurement of the ability of paper to allow fluids to pass through paper and paperboard, which is an important factor in ink penetration.
(r) the presence of numerous small cavities.
Porosity: Cavity type discontinuities within a thermal sprayed coating
Cavity type discontinuities formed by gas entrapment during solidification.
the air bubbles that are trapped in concrete which reduces its strength.
failures in the casting process leaving granular areas in the metal which are difficult or impossible to repair, necessitating recasting.
Areas of the mold that absorbed some of the casting material leaving the cast object with a rough, granular surface.
The degree to which wood absorbs water.
The condition of hair that makes it absorb moisture easily.
The ability of the hair to absorb moisture.
All of Trent's concrete mixes have very low porosity. Porosity is measured by equipment to undertake the ISAT test (Initial Surface Absorption Test).
The density of the adherent surface, the property of adhesive absorption by the adherent surface.
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Refers to the holes or channels through an eggshell; allows the exchange of gas and water vapour between the egg and its environment.
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The property of a paint film, which permits the passage of liquids or vapors.
The density of substance and its capacity to pass liquids.
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Degree of integrity or continuity.