Definitions for "Blister"
A vesicle of the skin, containing watery matter or serum, whether occasioned by a burn or other injury, or by a vesicatory; a collection of serous fluid causing a bladderlike elevation of the cuticle.
Any elevation made by the separation of the film or skin, as on plants; or by the swelling of the substance at the surface, as on steel.
A vesicatory; a plaster of Spanish flies, or other matter, applied to raise a blister.
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Produced by an uneven contour of the annual rings. The veneer has the effect of being blistered. Must be cut rotary or half-round.
A spot or area where veneer or backing does not adhere and bulges like a blister. It may be caused by a lack of glue or adhesive or inadequate pressure.
Spot or area where veneer does not adhere. Blisters are considered a bond line failure.
A thermoformed clear plastic shape which is used to make a blister pack.
a depression formed out of plastic that is normally used to hold a product
Thermoformed semi-rigid plastic shell, generally shaped to conform to product to be packaged.
A flaw either between layers of laminate or between the gel coat film and laminate.
an area within the glass that expands to hold more water and causes the laminate to swell which may show as a bulge on the surface
Automated facility for stretch foil packaging
Blister is a Norwegian rock band consisting of Håvard Hernes, Lars Lundevall, Aslak Dørum, Atle Karlsen and Rune Lindstrøm.
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a person in regular contact with customers on their turf; since they interface between the consortium and the customer removed from other combine members and their structures, they get rubbed by both sides, hence "blister"; see also callus ( language= Yeibichai/anshin slang)
Hyperplasia Retinopathy Hypertrophy Riboflavin
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Incubation Selenium
subject to harsh criticism; "The Senator blistered the administration in his speech on Friday"; "the professor scaled the students"; "your invectives scorched the community"
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Labyrinthitis Sneezing
Inflammation Septic Invasive Seroconversion
a self-healing process
Counter-irritant causing acute inflammation used to increase blood supply, blood flow and to promote healing in the leg.
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A tiny bump put on the back of a playing card . The cheat may feel the "blister" while holding the deck in the hand for dealing. In this way the cheat always has a choice between two cards which he wishes to deal. See " pegging". See also chapter Marked Cards.
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A noticeable blistering of the leaf ( especially the stem) caused by too rapid removal of moisture in the first fire.
cause blisters to from on; "the tight shoes and perspiration blistered her feet"
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Blister was a TV Show that aired on G4 in the United States. Blister featured game trailers and videos narrated by the host in the style of game's main character. It was the first show to be shown on the network in 2002.
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get blistered; "Her feet blistered during the long hike"
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A cavity within the lining material, between the lining materials layers, or between the lining and substrate.
A cavity in glass filled with gas
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To give pain to, or to injure, as if by a blister.
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To be affected with a blister or blisters; to have a blister form on.