Definitions for "Skinning"
Keywords:  varnish, solvent, curing, litho, mastic
Formation of a thin, tough film on the top of a liquid paint, caused by a chemical reaction to moisture in the air (partial curing or drying of the repellency).
Refers to the formation of an insoluble layer of hardened paint on the top of the “liquid” paint in a can.
The formation of a surface skin on coating liquids formed by the coating reacting with air or rapidly loosing solvent.
Keywords:  uphill, walking, implies, lift, taking
Skiing uphill rather than taking a lift or walking without skis. Implies the use of skins on your skis.
In animation, the process of binding deformable objects to a skeleton.
Keywords:  elbow, stretch, texture, bone, wrapped
Moving bone elements, textures wrapped around bone. "Skins" on texture of elbow will stretch.
Keywords:  desktop, replace, look, feel, component
The act of customizing the appearance of a program or desktop component by creating your own images to replace the original look and feel.