Definitions for "Binder "
A temporary insurance contract that provides coverage for a customer while their application is investigated for underwriting purposes.
Placing insurance temporarily in force, pending issuance of a policy.
A written or oral contract issued temporarily to place insurance in force when it is not possible to issue a new policy or endorse the existing policy immediately. A binder is subject to receipt of the premium and all the terms of the policy to be issued. It is a legal agreement that serves to effect insurance coverage for a specified period of time until the actual insurance policy can be issued.
A bonding resin used to hold strands together in a mat or preform during manufacture of a molded object.
The portion of a tobacco leaf used to hold together the blend of tobacco leaves used as the filler.
That which holds the paint together, such as linseed oil for oil painting, polymers for acrylics, gum arabic for watercolors and gouache.
Anything that binds, as a fillet, cord, rope, or band; a bandage; -- esp. the principal piece of timber intended to bind together any building.
Timber member or timber beam installed at ceiling level supporting other timber or trusses, generally supported by multiply trusses on either side.
a type of bandage applied to large body areas (abdomen or chest) or for a specific body part (arm sling); used to provide support
One who binds; as, a binder of sheaves; one whose trade is to bind; as, a binder of books.
The reaper-binder, or binder, was a farm implement that improved upon the reaper. The binder was invented in 1872 by Charles Withington. In addition to cutting the small-grain crop, it would also tie the stems into small bundles, or sheaves.
In telecommunications lexicon, a binder is a grouping of wires inside a common sheath. The common two-pair telephone cable you can buy at hardware stores for household wiring jobs (black, yellow, green, and red wires) is a two-pair binder. Binders can hold almost any number of wires. Thick telephone company trunk binders may hold 250 pairs. Neighborhood streets generally have 20, 50 or even 100 pair telephone binders supplying “dialtone” to the neighborhood. Within a house, two-pair binders are very common. Modern office building often fun 4, 6, or 8 pair cables to each desktop to provide telephone and computer network connections.
A helically applied tape or thread used for holding twisted wires in place until additional manufacturing operations are performed
A spirally served tape or thread used for holding assembled cable components in place awaiting subsequent manufacturing operations.
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Binder is a character class in Dungeons & Dragons, introduced in Tome of Magic. They derive their power by making "Pacts" with "Vestiges". These vestiges give them powers that are generally reusable an unlimited number of times per day.
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A binder is a material that is added to a slurry of magnetic material that will provide the magnetic stripe with toughness and durability once the slurry is oven dried.
generally the term used for the material that causes the mix to harden or set. Traditionally this may have been hair, sisal or tow, etc.
the elastomer or rubber used in gasket material.
A tool that combines two or more files into a single file, usually for the purpose of hiding one of them. A binder compiles the list of files that you select into one host file, which you can rename. A host file is a simple custom compiled program that will decompress and launch the source programs. When you start the host, the embedded files in it are automatically decompressed and launched. When a trojan is bound with Notepad, for instance, the result will appear to be Notepad, and appear to run like Notepad, but the Trojan will also be run. Examples
A function adaptor that is used to convert a two-argument binary function object into a one-argument unary function object, by binding one of the argument values to a specific constant.
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1. Cheese. 2. A hearty meal.
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see sways
An outline of the basic terms of a proposed sales contract between a buyer and a seller.
(See: binding receipt.)
A receipt for a deposit to secure the right to purchase a home at an agreed terms by a buyer and seller.
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Binomial option pricing model BIPS
A wire rope, secured by a cinch, placed around logs on a logging truck or trailer to prevent the load from spilling.
An exipient which increases the ability of the tablet to maintain its shape and form. It also increases tablet hardness.
The rubbery fuel used in solid propellants - also in Hybrid fuels.
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A streak of impurity in a coal seam.
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Person in charge of overseeing the bindery process of a production run of comics.
The person that oversees the bindery process.
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a pair of stiff oblong covers, sometimes detachable, designed for insertion of paper pages to create a book-like document, such as in a loose-leaf binder.
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See linkage editor.
(Three Ring Binder) A hardcover folder to keep important papers. It sometimes has three rings in the spine to attach papers.
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Module that applies binding to a booklet.
The system component that creates a bound program by packaging Integrated Language Environment (ILE) modules and resolving symbols passed between those modules.
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The top strand of a cut-and-laid fence; you may hear of a horse falling after 'catching its leg in a binder'.
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A girdle for the stomach area that is used after open surgeries.
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The agent applied to glass mat or performs to bond the fibers prior to laminating or molding.
An agent to improve consistency, often eggs.
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Biweekly Mortgage
A substance used to connect various coatings to each other, and coatings to base paper.
a substance that may be added to foods to thicken or improve texture.
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A binder lists all the known liens and defects affecting the title and is required to consider the purchase of real estate.
See title binder.
a service that maintains a table of mappings from service names to server ports
Maintains the physical state and texture of the product.
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See Slip and Cover Note.
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Binder is a program that provides a Web-based control panel to Bind
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A term used to refer to a BINDING AUTHORITY
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See Program Management Binder.