Definitions for "ABDOMEN"
The temple of the god Stomach, in whose worship, with sacrificial rights, all true men engage. From women this ancient faith commands but a stammering assent. They sometimes minister at the altar in a half-hearted and ineffective way, but true reverence for the one deity that men really adore they know not. If woman had a free hand in the world's marketing the race would become graminivorous.
The belly, or that part of the body between the thorax and the pelvis. Also, the cavity of the belly, which is lined by the peritoneum, and contains the stomach, bowels, and other viscera. In man, often restricted to the part between the diaphragm and the commencement of the pelvis, the remainder being called the pelvic cavity.
The posterior section of the body, behind the thorax, in insects, crustaceans, and other Arthropoda.
Erythema Palliative
Gastroenterologist Palliative
Keywords:  paradoxical, gastritis, fatal
Fatal Paradoxical
Gastritis Paradoxical
Keywords:  felodipine, oliguria
Felodipine Oliguria
Keywords:  halitosis, perioral
Halitosis Perioral
Keywords:  perioperative
Keywords:  preoperative
Keywords:  erythropoietin
Hyperaldosteronism Peritoneum
Keywords:  peptic, endoscopy
Endoscopy Peptic
Keywords:  tummy
Another contradictory dream if dreaming of pain in this area will indicate success due to strong health and vigor. Dreaming your Abdomen is being exposed, is a bad sign however, and is a warning of unfaithfulness or treachery and may come from someone you trust and hold dear. Be extremely cautious.
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Keywords:  glioma, percutaneous
Glioma Percutaneous
Keywords:  perfusion, femur
Femur Perfusion
Gastrointestinal Pediculosis
Keywords:  glomerular, prevalence
Glomerular Prevalence
Keywords:  gynecology, ovum
Gynecology Ovum
Keywords:  fibrosis, pharmacologic
Fibrosis Pharmacologic
Keywords:  echocardiography, neural
Echocardiography Neural
Keywords:  pruritus, hepatitis
Hepatitis Pruritus
Keywords:  pneumonia
Keywords:  parenteral, fatigue
Fatigue Parenteral
Keywords:  ifosfamide, prostate
Ifosfamide Prostate
Keywords:  paclitaxel, fetus
Fetus Paclitaxel
Keywords:  estradiol, neurons
Estradiol Neurons
Keywords:  osteoporosis
Epidemiological Parasitic
Keywords:  hematology, proteins
Hematology Proteins
Keywords:  niacin, extraction
Extraction Niacin
Keywords:  genotype, phosphorous
Genotype Phosphorous
Keywords:  gut, bowel
"Gut" or bowel
Keywords:  postoperative, hormones
Hormones Postoperative
Keywords:  ganglia, oral
Ganglia Oral
Keywords:  hasn't, defined, term
This term hasn't been defined yet
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Keywords:  placenta
Keywords:  postural, erection
Erection Postural
Keywords:  perforation, fats
Fats Perforation
Keywords:  glucose