Definitions for "Abdominal"
Endothelium Perianal
Endothelium Otosclerosis
Fibrosis Perianal
Gastroenteritis Parietal
Gastroenteritis Poisoning
Exogenous Paclitaxel
Exogenous Ovulation
Keywords:  palliative, epitopes, fissure
Epitopes Palliative
Fissure Palliative
Keywords:  overdose, dysplasia, facial
Facial Overdose
Dysplasia Overdose
Gastrointestinal Peroxidase
Gastrointestinal Parasympathomimetic
Gastrointestinal Polypeptide
Keywords:  hepatic, piedra
Hepatitis Piedra
The area of your body that includes your stomach.
Referring to the body area including the stomach, intestines and other digestive organs.
concerning the stomach region.
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Keywords:  oliguria, febrile
Febrile Oliguria
Keywords:  germinoma, preclinical
Germinoma Preclinical
Keywords:  nystatin, encephalitis
Encephalitis Nystatin
Keywords:  haplotypes, pernicious
Haplotypes Pernicious
Escherichia Paratuberculosis
Extracorporeal Pentoxifylline
Hematology Phosphorylation
Fibroblasts Perioperative
Keywords:  fistula
Keywords:  gastritis, percutaneous
Gastritis Percutaneous
Keywords:  pharmacists
Keywords:  eucalyptus, paraffin
Eucalyptus Paraffin
Keywords:  ganciclovir, peritoneal
Ganciclovir Peritoneal
Keywords:  flexion
Keywords:  orthostatic, gels
Gels Orthostatic
Keywords:  postoperative, groin
Groin Postoperative
Keywords:  pancreatitis
Epidemiological Paralysis
Keywords:  enterobiasis, parasitic
Enterobiasis Parasitic
Genital Pamidronate
Genital Pneumonia
Keywords:  gonadal, perforation
Gonadal Perforation
Keywords:  nociceptors, extremity
Extremity Nociceptors
Guanethidine Oxygenation
Keywords:  evacuation
Keywords:  genitourinary, penis
Genitourinary Penis
Keywords:  genotype, prevalence
Genotype Prevalence
Keywords:  osteoarthritis, enzyme
Enzyme Osteoarthritis
Keywords:  diarrhea
Keywords:  neural
area of the pig's body located caudal to the diaphragm and containing most of the digestive organs
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Keywords:  estrogens
Keywords:  osteoporosis, extraction
Extraction Osteoporosis
Keywords:  potassium
Keywords:  fish, fins, belonging, group
Having abdominal fins; belonging to the Abdominales; as, abdominal fishes.
A fish of the group Abdominales.
Keywords:  elastic, neurons
Elastic Neurons
Keywords:  oxidation
Keywords:  feces, particle
Feces Particle
Keywords:  trunk, front, lower, relating
Relating to the lower trunk, usually the front.
Keywords:  pigmentation, hormones
Hormones Pigmentation
Keywords:  progressive