Definitions for "Gastritis"
Keywords:  stomach, mucous, itis, mucosal, mucosa
Inflammation of the stomach, esp. of its mucuos membrane.
The Condition"... pylori or one of several other organisms infect the stomach..." Recommendation Antibiotics"... pylori and should be used to treat other bacterial overgrowths in the stomach as well..."
The Condition"...When stomach acid levels are very low, or chronically neutralized by antacids
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Nimustine Visceral
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Recommendation Slippery Elm"Slippery elm's soothing mucilage effect has been used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract..."
an autoimmune process associated with anti-parietal cell antibodies and may be associated with autoimmune disorders of other organs
The Condition"...Gastritis can be diagnosed by biopsy and specimen examination under a microscope, where the presence of increased white blood cells is seen..."