Definitions for "BIOPSY"
Removal of a small amount of tissue or fluid for laboratory examination; aids in diagnosis.
removal of a sample of tissue to be examined in a laboratory by a pathologist to check for cancer cells.
(BY-ahp-see) A procedure used to remove cells or tissues in order to look at them under a microscope to check for signs of disease.
Immunization Immunogenic Sanitation
Idiopathic Recurrence
Idiopathic Refractory Immunosuppressant Regeneration
Infusion Resorption
Infusion Proteins
Ischemia Resorption
Hepatocellular Progressive
Hydrogen Progressive
Hepatocellular Physiologic
Hormones Ryanodine Hypertension
Hypertension Radiology
Hypersensitivity Progressive Hypertension Proteins
Infertility Pruritus
Infertility Radioactive
Keywords:  salicylanilides
Keywords:  reperfusion, hyperbaric
Hyperbaric Reperfusion
Keywords:  saccharomyces
Keywords:  phenylbutyrate, indolent
Indolent Phenylbutyrate
Implantation Sitosterols
Implantation Psychiatry
Keywords:  ptld, insulin, riboflavin
Insulin PTLD
Insulin Riboflavin
Impotence Reflux
Hyperlipidemia Reflex Hyperplasia Reflux
Keywords:  pyrethrins
Intracellular Raltitrexed
Quercetin Immunity
Immunization Quinolones
Immunity Psoriasis
Keywords:  hypotensive, radiography
Hypotensive Radiography
Keywords:  cannula
Keywords:  rubella
Liposomal Randomized
Leucovorin Randomized
Heterozygote Predisposition Histocompatibility Prenatal
Keywords:  hypoxia, radiotherapy
Hypoxia Radiotherapy
Keywords:  proctoscopy, herpes
Herpes Proctoscopy
Immunology Radiofrequency ablation
Keywords:  renin, immaturity
Immaturity Renin
Keywords:  pyoderma, inhalation
Inhalation Pyoderma
Keywords:  remission
Keywords:  schizophrenia
Invasive Suppressive
Invasive Surgical Systemic
Keywords:  regimen, intravenous
Intravenous Regimen
Inflammation Retina
Inflammation Salpingitis
Keywords:  homologous, precursor
Homologous Precursor
Keywords:  prevalence
Keywords:  posterior
Take a piece of the lesion to study the histological characteristics.
Keywords:  hybridization
Keywords:  pulse, hormones
Hormones Pulse