Definitions for "Noninvasive"
a term that is used to describe medical procedures that do not enter or penetrate the body; also refers to noncancerous tumors that do not spread to other sections of the body
Descriptive of diagnostic procedures which do not involve the insertion of needles, cannulas, or other devices that require penetration of the skin.
relating to a technique that does not involve puncturing the skin or entering a body cavity
not requiring any incision or the insertion of an instrument or substance into the body
without injection, incision, or radiation.
Any procedure or treatment that does not invade the body by way of insertion or incision
Treatment or therapy provided to patient without entering the body in any way; For example, in Noninvasive Ventilation, breathing assistance is provided by a comfortable mask, used mostly during sleep, avoiding the use of a breathing tube inserted into the throat
Self contained, not growing into or destroying healthy tissue.