Definitions for "Injection "
The act of injecting or throwing in; -- applied particularly to the forcible insertion of a liquid or gas, by means of a syringe, pump, etc.
That which is injected; especially, a liquid inserted thrown into a cavity of the body by a syringe or pipe; a clyster; an enema.
The act or process of filling vessels, cavities, or tissues with a fluid or other substance.
Term applied to the technique of introducing gases and liquids under pressure into a system. More specifically, water or gas to maintain oilfield reservoir pressure (see also gas lift ).
The process of pumping gas or water into an oil-producing reservoir to provide a driving mechanism for increased oil production.
Forcing gas or water into an oil well to increase pressure and cause more oil to come to the surface. See Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery.
Injection is a simple dependency injection plugin for Rails. It allows you to inject ojects into your controllers which have been described in a yaml file . By using constructor injection for controllers, it becomes easy to test the controllers use of such objects using dynamic mocks.
an efficacious treatment alternative in persistent corneal erosions and ulcers before performing a tarsorrhaphy
a safe and promising treatment modality for a variety of lower urinary tract dysfunctions for both skeletal and smooth muscle dysfunction
a successful alternative for the treatment of chronic salivary fistula
Injection is a UOAssist Open Source Clone for UO Emulator servers. Players can arm/disarm, drink potions and perform other actions more easily. It is designed for playing on UO emulators and will not work with official shards. It can also be loaded as a
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Plastics processing technique to produce solid parts with a high degree of precision. The material is injected into a mold by a plunger; a press keeps the mold closed while the material cools. At the end of the process the mold is opened and the part ejected
The process of forcing melted resin into a mold.
the stage during which the melt is introduced into a mold to completely fill a cavity or cavities.
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Congested blood vessels in a red eye.
congestion of blood vessels
In the theory of constraints, an action or activity that leads to a desired effect or the solution of a problem.
any solution that is injected (as into the skin)
a clear, colorless solution
a gravity gradient not related to lung segmental anatomy per se, and no confusion with interpretation for PE mismatch is reported
The feature in the engine of a rich doctor's car that makes it go faster than anyone else's.
Method of introducing fuel into a combustion chamber by a high-pressure pumping system: common on Diesel engines; occasionally used on gasoline engines, replacing carburetion system.
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A small (1-2 cup) enema or douche.
The act of throwing cold water into a condenser to produce a vacuum.
The cold water thrown into a condenser.
Redness of the conjunctiva due to vascular dilation.
a non-consumption expenditure on aggregate production, especially investment expenditures, government purchases, and exports
A flow into the circular flow of income and expenditure.
The single stem killing of unwanted trees by application of specific registered herbicides under the bark. The removal of undesirable trees improves the site by reducing competition for light, moisture and nutrients.
The placing of a satellite into its required orbit or trajectory.
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A specimen prepared by injection.
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A process to add multiple products from different tanks to one boom section.
The amount of money contributed to a project by the borrower. Pacific Capital Bank requires 10% for real estate acquisition and 30% for start-up or business acquisition.
the forceful insertion of a substance under pressure
to add or insert a substance into another.
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Synonym for nerve block if the context is PN.
Action or intermediate objective leading to desired effects (DE).
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See air injection, fuel injection, and water injection.
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a major profit source of the company
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to put money into the business.