Definitions for "Expenditure"
The act of expending; a laying out, as of money; disbursement.
That which is expended or paid out; expense.
A charge against available funds, evidenced by a voucher, claim, or other document s. Expenditures represent the actual payment of funds. [D00649] WST The conversion of resources. An expenditure is an event. Conversions of resources may take several forms: Exchange: conversion of title or owner ship (e.g., dollars for material Consumption: conversion of a liquid resource to a less recoverable state, i.e., expenditures of time, human resources, dollars to produce something of value, or the incorporation of inventoried material s into fixed assets. [D00650] PMK87 A sum of money paid out for work relating to the project as evidenced by an invoice, receipt or similar payment voucher. For control purpose s expenditures should be recognized when payment vouchers are approve d by the project manager, i.e. long before accounts payable disburses funds or cheques are cleared at the bank. [D00653] CCCP A using up of money or time for goods and services. [D02754] PMDT
The incurrence of a liability to obtain an asset or service.
A payment. The expenditure might be for a significant long term asset (capital expenditure), a short term asset (prepaid insurance), a reduction in a liability, or for an immediate expense such as rent. To Top
A payment or an obligation to make future payment for an asset or a service.
In the context of health care, monies spent on the acquisition of health care coverage and/or services.
The total or gross amount of money spent by the Government on any or all of its activities.
All monies used during the budget period to purchase tangible items in addition to payment of services
is a cost incurred in the normal course of business to generate revenues. See expenses.
Costs incurred by a project.
All expenditure incurred by the University in relation to the calendar year's activities.
a transfer of a benefit by government (or an agent ofgovernment) to people in the private sector or to other levels of government
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the act of consuming something
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Costs flowing out of the firm.