Definitions for "Capitalize"
To compute, appraise, or assess the capital value of (a patent right, an annuity, etc.)
The act of classifying an expenditure as an asset, which allows the asset to be allocated (depreciated) over multiple time periods where benefit is derived.
To record an expenditure that may benefit a future period as an asset rather than to treat the expenditure as an expense of the current period.
To add unpaid accrued interest to unpaid principal. This increases your total outstanding principal. Thus, if you choose a lender that capitalizes once a year or more, you may be paying interest on interest.
Capitalizing interest means that all interest accrued is added to the principal amount of your loan. Additional interest would then be based upon the higher principal amount. In other words, you would be paying interest on interest. If you are borrowing a Federal Stafford Loan that is unsubsidized, you will be able to indicate on your master promissory note (MPN) whether you choose to pay your interest quarterly or have the interest capitalize while you are in school. Choosing to pay your interest quarterly will minimize your loan debt.
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To add an amount to the tax basis of a property.
To treat the cost of additions and improvements to property as a capital improvement.
To add an expense to a property=s basis rather than take as an itemized deduction.
draw advantages from; "he is capitalizing on her mistake"; "she took advantage of his absence to meet her lover"
To classify a cost as a long-term investment, rather than charging it to current operations.
To incorporate the existing delinquent payments, taxes, insurance costs, etc. from the existing mortgage loan into a new loan with lower payments.
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To print in capital letters, or with an initial capital.
write in capital letters
To supply capital for (an enterprise), especially by selling capital stock.
supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders
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To convert into capital, or to use as capital.
convert (a company's reserve funds) into capital
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To set capital aside to fund a risk.
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compute the present value of a business or an income
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