Definitions for "depreciation"
A noncash expense that reduces the value of an asset as a result of wear and...
The act of lessening, or seeking to lessen, price, value, or reputation.
The falling of value; reduction of worth.
The amount of money your car has devalued over time.
a devaluation in the replacement cost of an item or material based on the life expectancy of that item or material. Depreciation can be both recoverable and non-recoverable depending on the type of coverage your policy provides.
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dilution divestiture
amount charged against operating profits to reflect aging of plant and equipment owned by a company.
The machines and other equipment that are worn out in the process of production.
See appreciation. Related Glossary Terms: appreciation/depreciation
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Liability based on an agent and prior use.
An American term used to describe amortization. See amortization.
the state of being depreciated.