Definitions for "divestiture"
Disposition or sale of an asset by a company. A company will often divest an...
A division of a company that is sold out to new investors. Finance By Example (Archives): Olivetti Sells Losing Assets Why Are IBM and Sears Selling Prodigy? Quaker Oats Sells Snapple at A $1.4 Billion Loss
The surrender, voluntarily or involuntarily, of ownership of property or an interest, therein. Alternately, a court order to give up possession or the right to property such as in the case of an antitrust action.
the act of divesting oneself, or being divested, of a nobiliary or chivalric title or rank; attainder; opposite of investiture.
The act of stripping, or depriving; the state of being divested; the deprivation, or surrender, of possession of property, rights, etc.
an order to an offending party to rid itself of property; it has the purpose of depriving the defendant of the gains of wrongful behavior; "the court found divestiture to be necessary in preventing a monopoly"
to take away tasks or activities (or property) currently vested with the public sector, either officially or unofficially.
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dividend in arrears dividend rate
Change of ownership and/or control of a business from a majority (non-disadvantaged) to disadvantaged persons.
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Divided Interest