Definitions for "Spin-off"
The spin-off of one part from the company's hierarchy which becomes an economically and legally independent unit. Expected is higher flexibility and innovation willingness.(FR:Spin-off)
the sale of a business unit to independent investors. p. 369
A divestiture in which the stock of a subsidiary is given to the parent company's stockholders.
Improvements made to property by private people because of a NeighborWorks® organization or other CBDO or public improvement serving as a catalyst.
a summarized translation of one section of a chapter about an immanent or transcendent god
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Just like TV -- a piece which either started as part of a earlier, longer piece, or which grew out of the knowledge gained from writing the original piece. See Slant.
a show which contains characters or theme elements from an old series
A new product developed from an original product. In a TV show, a popular supporting character in one series might be given the starring role in a separate series.
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Bookings that occur because someone in the audience wants to hire the speaker for their meeting.
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an extended range
a product made during the manufacture of something else